REVIEW: tsp. cafe, Hanley

So having been at university in Birmingham since September, I’m not quite sure when tsp. first popped up, but since I’ve been back for the summer I’ve already visited a ridiculous number of times.

Tsp. Cafe, 84 Picadilly, Hanley

           Tsp. Cafe, 84 Piccadilly, Hanley

Tsp. can be found on the corner unit at the end of Piccadilly, Hanley, which makes it a great location for avoiding the crowds of shoppers that so often charge up and down Market Square. Its got lovely big windows that look out on the newly tarted-up area surrounding the Potteries Museum and so I’d say the window seats are the best seats in the house, especially on a sunny day with sunlight beaming in. The interior is small but the space is well used and the chairs & tables make it quite cosy.

Drinks-wise, I’ve tried all sorts and each one has been excellent. Their iced coffee on a hot day is a life saver and the strawberry milkshake is incredible, but I reckon the best beverage I’ve purchased was their cappuccino. I don’t know if it’s down to the coffee beans they use or their machine or even if they do a little dance before they serve it but it doesn’t have that terrible bitter aftertaste that so many other cappuccinos often have and so I’m delighted to have found it!



Strawberry milkshake

                   Strawberry milkshake

In terms of food, tsp’s cakes are on a whole new level. I, along with everyone else I’ve taken in, will publicly proclaim their brownie to be the BEST we’ve ever tasted. In the whole world. Ever. If you buy just one thing from this place then the brownie should be it, hands down. Needless to say, the other cupcakes and bakes that they serve (and they change daily- a list can often be found on their Instagram: @tspcoffee) are equally as fantastic, with the peanut butter and chocolate cupcake a personal favourite of mine and the jaffa cake cupcake next on my to-try list. They also appear to have breakfast, brunch & lunch covered with various snacks and sandwiches available but I am yet to give these a whirl; although if the quality of all their other products is anything to go by I imagine these are also delicious.

While food & drink quality is obviously one of the most important aspects of any cafe, perhaps my favourite aspect of tsp. is their participation in the suspended coffee scheme. The simplicity of this idea always astounds me and yet it can achieve so much good. Basically, when you’re buying your coffee in tsp, you can purchase an extra one for a stranger-in-need and they’ll keep it behind the coffee bar ready to give it out for free to anyone that needs it. That’s it. It’s genius! And to the best of my knowledge, tsp. are the only cafe in the city centre vicinity that take part in this scheme so let’s hope their example encourages other retailers to follow in their footsteps.

Overall, I’m continuing to find tsp.’s staff to be friendly & welcoming; a real ambiance is beginning to develop and while they are quite competitively priced, it’s worth every penny. I would thoroughly recommend stopping by the next time you’re in Hanley and perhaps even buying a suspended coffee too!

tsp. instagram: @tspcoffee

tsp. facebook:

tsp. & suspended coffees: 

for more information on the suspended coffee movement: 



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