REVIEW: NOM Restaurant, Hanley

Looking through my inbox and noticing an email from NOM advertising their lunch menu reminded me to get writing about this fab restaurant. NOM can be found on Stafford Street, slap bang in the middle of the city centre, meaning it’s easily accessible for all especially with bus stops and taxi ranks right outside the door. They’re also the biggest independent restaurant in Hanley so surely that’s reason enough to pop in and see what they offer.

On the occasions that I’ve eaten here I received a warm welcome from the front of house staff who showed us to our table and explained the different menus available. The interior is quite different to anything else I’ve seen in Hanley; a nice mix of furniture against almost-britpop wallpaper and low lighting which does in fact create an intimate atmosphere as their website describes. However, I will be encouraging my mum to bring a head torch if we ever visit together as while the lighting creates ambiance for most of us, it would certainly pose a few issues for those with impaired vision. Nevertheless, it creates a nice mood in which to peruse the menu.

Considering I’m a pescatarian (i.e. I only eat fish as opposed to meat) the dishes that I’ve ordered previously reflect this and so I can’t vouch for the quality or taste of the meat or other such things that I know are highly important to meat-eaters. I’ve often found the lunch menu to be excellent value, with 1 course for only £6.95, 2 courses at £9.25 and 3 courses for only £11.95. For starters, if the ‘Soup of the Moment’ is ever Broccoli & Stilton then I heartily recommend it as it is superb, although it’s possible that may just be because this is my favourite soup of all time. The garlic mushrooms are also both well-presented and delicious, served with a ciabatta and well-dressed salad! Moving on to mains, the best thing I’ve had has to be the fish goujon sandwich. Picture a fancy fish finger sandwich with their homemade chips and tartare sauce- it was brilliant! The smoked salmon focaccia that I had most recently is a close second though and comes in the most enormous portion size. Even I couldn’t quite finish it and I am usually Captain of the clean plates. I must admit I’ve not yet tried the puddings as I’ve always been too full from 2 courses but they always look divine with big portion sizes again.

In my experience, NOM has always provided top quality food for such a reasonable price. What’s more, it tends to feel a little more upmarket than some of the other eateries available in Hanley but still remains relaxed enough for a lunch with friends as well as an evening dinner out. I hope you manage to give their grub a go sometime soon and if you do, be sure to pick up a loyalty card as they offer a free drink on visit 3, a free dessert on visit 6 and a free meal on visit 10!



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