REVIEW: Pie Minister (@ The Trentham Estate)

Visiting Trentham Gardens in order to buy a new bauble for the Christmas tree is fast becoming a Christmas tradition, and as it turns out, so is popping into Pie Minister for lunch on said bauble-buying trip.

Pie Minister is just absolutely one of Britain’s best ever food outlets. I first tried their cuisine while at Greenbelt Festival some years ago and I ate it out of a proper takeaway cardboard box which was stuffed with creamy mash, minted mushy peas, crispy shallots, grated cheddar cheese and red wine gravy…also known as ‘The mothership!’ It was truly heavenly and the Trentham cafe is no different…



One of my greatest things about Pie Minister is the variety of vegetarian pies that they offer. I’m sure there are many people who are absolutely mortified at the thought of a pie without great big chunks of meat inside it but their veggie options really are worth a try. Their festive “Christingle Pie” is a delicious mix of parsnips, chestnuts and cheddar cheese and is quite possibly my favourite pie on the menu, although its only available for a limited time over Christmas so you better act fast if you want to try it! The “Wildshroom” is another cracker with mushrooms and asparagus in a cream and white wine sauce, while my meat-eating friends assure me that the “Chicken of Aragon” and the “Kate & Sidney” are also tasty choices. Speaking of which, have I mentioned how brilliant their puns are? They are genius- I love them! And I love the “Pie Crew” tshirts that the staff get to wear as uniform; I am seriously considering buying one for myself!


Pie Menu

Pies aside, the cafe also does very reasonably priced coffees along with lots of cakes and bakes so it’s equally the perfect place to go for a drink after a brisk walk round the lake or as a mid-shopping trip breather. All in all, the puns, the prices and the pies make Pie Minister one of the best places to have lunch across all of Stoke, however, if you do decide to visit sometime soon I must ask one thing of you…please please order “the mothership” of sides to accompany your pie. There is nothing sadder than watching someone tuck into a lonely pie; they are destined to be eaten on top of a huge pile of mash and smothered in gravy!


The only way to eat a Pie Minister Pie!


Pie Minister’s website (where there is an excellent range of pun-related merchandise as well as opening times etc): 

The Trentham Estate website:


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