REVIEW: BottleCraft, Hanley

Bottlecraft is now a well-established kid on the Piccadilly/Marsh Street South block, so I know my review will hardly be groundbreaking but up until now I’d never had a reason to pop by. (After all, I’m not the biggest fan of beer – I know, I know I’m sorry!) Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Stoke’s first (and only?) craft beer shop and came away very pleased with my purchases.

I was in need of a gift as part of my boyfriend’s 21st birthday present and even my limited knowledge (“Err, I think he likes Amstel a bit?”) wasn’t a problem for the chap behind the counter (“Ah. You’ll be wanting to look at the continental lagers then and possibly the pale ales as well.”)

I was shown maybe 15 different bottles and that was just from the UK-brewed stuff- there were even more overseas options available too! After a few minutes of browsing I selected 3 different bottles: an ‘East India Pale’ from Freedom; a ‘Collapsed’ from Front Row Brewery and a ‘Pail: Mosaic Calypso’ from Shiny. (I know it’s meant to be about the taste and not the branding but those are some cool names for beer you can’t deny it!) For an extra 20p they were packaged in a swanky ‘BottleCraft’ gift box, making for a really great gift for well under a tenner.

Towards the back of the shop, BottleCraft even has a tasting room where you can enjoy one of your purchases or a range of their beers on tap, and while I may not be back to enjoy an ale anytime soon, I would definitely like to give one of their ciders a whirl. Great staff, great products and a great atmosphere are clearly their key to success – get down there and check it out for yourself.


Beers in a box

For more information on opening times & beer:  &





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